“Space School” Educational Initiative

Initiative of Space Research and Technology Institute—Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Society for Conservation GIS Chapter Bulgaria and Bulgarian Astronautical Society

The “Space School”  initiative is targeted at secondary school students (5th – 7th grade and 8th-12th  grade). It aims to introduce the students interested in science related to space and Earth observation with the novelties and  achievements in the field of aerospace research and technology. This is accomplished through free public lectures presented on popular language. The students will learn about their use in various fields of science, industry and business, as well as their practical role in the human life.

Space School Initiative includes as well organization of educational workshops, exhibitions, conductance of remote sensing and GIS courses for secondary school students. We are also working on incorporating geospatial technologies in secondary schools.

Space School” topics:

  • Spaceflight as science and industry
  • Earth observation from space – science and business
  • Geographic information systems and their role in science, society, economy and business
  • Space physics and its application in help of society
  • Space biotechnologies – achievements in space and application
  • Aircrafts for Earth observation – manned and unmanned
For contacts:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vanya Stamenova – coordinator
Assist. Prof. Dr. Stefan Stamenov – coordinator

Leaflet of the initiative: Space School


Joint initiative:

SCGIS Bulgaria
SCGIS Bulgaria

Society for Conservation GIS – Chapter Bulgaria


Space Research and Technology Institute – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


Bulgarian Astronautical Society

Space School Educational Initiative receive no funding, only non-monetary support, preferably connected with a particular activity – organizing event, workshop, preparing educational materials. Non-monetary support can be data grants, software grants, hardware grants, educational materials provided to Space School for use by scientists worldwide, scientific visits and participation in the Space School activities. These grants should be preferably connected to specific Space School activity for science popularization and education.