Festival of Science at NHSMS

Space School took part in the Festival of Science, organized by the National High School of Mathematics and Science (NHSMS) “Acad. L. Chakalov” in Sofia held on 28-29 April 2018. The space sciences were planned for the second day of the festival and were held at 32nd room of the NHSMS according to the following program:

Program for Participation in the Festival of Science at the NHSMS “Acad. L. Chakalov”
29.04.2018 (Sunday)

Space Sciences – 32nd room

12:00 – 12:15 – Presentation of a 15-minute video filmed on the board of the International Space Station (ISS). ISS Commander Anton Shkaplerov answers questions of Bulgarian students.

12:15 – 13:45 – Satellite technologies for Earth Observation, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vanya Stamenova and Chief Assist. Prof.Dr. Stefan Stamenov, SRTI-BAS

12:45 – 13:15 – Modern space technologies and ground applications“,Chief Assist. Prof.Dr. Anna Buzekova and Prof.  Dimitar Teodosiev, SRTI-BAS